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Calabria, Italy and its Genealogy, History, Culture and Language

Calabria History Books

A collection of books focusing on the history of Calabria.

Antinoro-Pollozz, J. Southern Italian Society: Its Peasantry and Change. Alpine Press, 1968.

Appel, Will. The Evil Eye and Peasant Identity in Southern Italy, PhD dissertation, Cornell University, 1975.

Arlacchi, Pino. Mafia, Peasants, and Great Estates: Society in Traditional Calabria. Cambridge University Press, 1983.
Excellent history of society in Calabria, examining the Cosentino, Crotonese, and Gioia Tauro in particular.

Crawford, F. Marian. The Rulers of the South.

DeSanctis, Gabriello. Dizionario statistico de'paesi del Regno delle Due Sicilie Napoli:[s.n.], 1840, 32, 51 p; 27 cm. Library of Congress call number: HC307.N3D4 (79-341501)
An in depth statistical review of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies from the year 1840. A gold mine of great information, download it for free.

Douglas, Norman. Old Calabria, 1915.
Download for free

Finley, Milton. The Most Monstrous of Wars: The Napoleonic Guerrilla War in Southern Italy, 1806-1811. Columbia, SC: The University of South Carolina Press, 1994. Cloth, 161p.
Excellent account of the disastrous campaign in Calabria.

Gardiner, Leslie. South to Calabria. William Gardiner of Edinburgh and London, 1968.
The first part of the book has solid information on the history and people of this region. There is a sense that the author is trying to portray the people and history in an unflattering light. There was a feeling that the author was "slumming" while in South Italy.

Gissing, George. By The Ionian Sea:Notes of a Ramble in Southern Italy. London: The Richards Press, 1956. Cloth, 156pp. Read it online (free)! Or Download it for Free

Hobsbawn, Eric. Bandits.

Simi, Gino J., and Segreti, Mario M. St. Francis of Paola: God's Miracle Worker Supreme. Rockford, IL: TAN Books and Publishers, Inc., 1977. Paperback, 209p.