Calabria, Italy and its Genealogy, History, Culture and Language

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Reggio CalabriaRC
Vibo ValentiaVV

An explanation of Italy's political sub-divisions:

  • Regione - Region. The largest type of political sub-division, Regional map of Calabria which is comprised of provinces. There are 20 regions in Italy--one of which is CALABRIA.
    • Provincia - Province. The second largest type of political sub-division, which are comprised of comuni (the plural form of comune). There are currently 5 provinces which comprise the region of Calabria.
      • Comune - Municipality, city or town. Comuni are comprised of even smaller divisions called frazioni (plural of frazione).
        • Frazione - Hamlet, ward or village. They are dependant on the comuni to which they are attached. All administrative responsibility of the frazioni lies at the comune level--including civil registrations and vital records.