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Calabria, Italy and its Genealogy, History, Culture and Language

About Il Circolo Calabrese

Our Goal

To become the worldwide focal point for all information concerning the history, culture, language, and genealogy of Calabria--the southernmost region of the Italian mainland.

Our Objectives

To focus on the four pillars of our organization, with respect to the region of Calabria: history, culture, language and genealogy, as follows:

  • To study Calabria's history with the purpose of gaining an understanding and insight of the events that shaped the lives of our ancestors from Calabria.
  • To take a closer look at the culture and customs of the region, which provides us a closer look at the talent and passion for life of the people of Calabria.
  • To study our ancestors from Calabria in their native region and towns, and to follow their progress to the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Argentina and elsewhere.
  • To learn about the language of our ancestors as they were in the "old country" and to share their stories.
  • To study the genealogy of Calabria and to pool our knowledge and resources with regards to this type of research.

Our Organization

Il Circolo Calabrese (ICC) is an international group of genealogists and historians interested in the study of Calabria.  Our organization is a concerted effort to pool together our research efforts and resources where they are related to Calabria. This site is designed to facilitate the sharing of information between members and anyone else who may have an interest in Calabria.

If you would like to join Il Circolo Calabrese, all you need is an interest in the region of Calabria, a desire to learn more, and a willingness to share your knowledge, where applicable. By no means are prospective members expected to be experts on Calabria, though we do have some members who are.

Our Site

Here you will find information that is specific to Calabria and Calabrian history, culture, language and genealogy.  Since we have chosen not to duplicate any information that is currently available on the internet, you'll find that many of our sections will contain links to other websites. We feel that it's extremely important to be well integrated into the network of information available on Calabria.