Calabria, Italy and its Genealogy, History, Culture and Language

Acerenthia (KR)

Photographs and information regarding the ruins of Acerenthia (KR).

Acerenthia (Acerentum/Cerenzia Vecchia)
Origins unknown and the site of much Calabrese history. Many families from San Giovannni, Castelsilano, Cerenzia, Caccuri, Savelli, Verzino, Rocca di Neto originated here. Though a ghost of its former glory, it claimed two canonized saints, San Cirillo, San Bernardo and wonderful stories of St. Theodore of Amasea, (4th Century) who was supposed to have killed a dragon and saved our princess.
Photo courtesy of Tom Lucente
Acerenthia (KR) on a  map of the Province of Crotone