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Calabria, Italy and its Genealogy, History, Culture and Language

Calabria Towns Database: Nocera Terinese

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Comune: Nocera Terinese
Town: Nocera Terinese
Province: CZ
Region: Calabria
Area: 46.23 Sq. Km.
CAP: 88047
Tel. Prefix: 0968
Latitude: 39° 2' 7'' 44 N
Longitude: 16° 10' 9'' 84 E
Population (2000): 4894
Pop. Density: 106 people/Sq. Km.
Official Website: None
Località and Frazioni
1. Acquafredda
2. Campodorato
3. Gollieri
4. Marina di Nocera Terinese (see Nocera Scalo)
5. Nocera Scalo
6. Piano Pere
7. Salice
8. San Cataldo
9. Villagio Del Golfo
Map: Nocera Terinese