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Calabria, Italy and its Genealogy, History, Culture and Language

Letter to Procura della Repubblica

Draft a letter to the Procura della Repubblica of the province containing your town of interest to request permission to personally consult civil vital records.

About this letter:

This letter should only be used if you are planning a trip to Italy and wish to consult the civil vital records at the town/commune level in person.  The Procura della Repubblica has provincial level control of all the civil vital records.

There are only two situations when you should use this letter:

  • After sending a letter to the Sindaco (Mayor) of a specific town you plan on visiting in the province, and he does not reply or denies your request.
  • If you plan on visiting more than one town, in the same province, during your visit to consult the records.

It is important to mention that you plan on searching only for records of your ancestors and that you will be perusing older civil records (prior to 1949).  Anything newer cannot be searched by unauthorized persons, pursuant to the 75 year privacy law. Even for the older records, persons must be directly related (and prepared to prove it) to get the information.


Fill in/select the appropriate information in the spaces below, then click the submit button.  The letter will then be translated and shown to you. Be sure to print it or save the page to your computer at that time.

[Your Country]

20 May 2024

Procura della Repubblica
Province of
Lookup Provincial capitol, CAP & Provincial abbreviation

[TOWN] ← Provincial abbreviation

Dear Procurator,

My name is [your first name] [your last name] , and I live in at the above-stated address. I am searching for information regarding my , for personal genealogical research.

I am planning a trip to Italy and, if possible, I would like to personally consult the civil birth, marriage, and death records that concern my ancestors. Therefore, I would like to ask you, as head of the civil vital records, for permission to consult the records from to . I wish to dedicate days to this research, from to during the hours that the civil vital records are open.

I thank you in advance for your kindness and efficiency. Please tell me the cost of the certificates and postage. Also, please provide payment instructions. Alternatively, if it is simpler to send the certificates via email, that is preferable.


[your first name] [your last name]

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