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Calabria, Italy and its Genealogy, History, Culture and Language

Reggio Di Calabria (RC) Marriages (1588 - 1925)

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About this collection:

These records were extracted from both the ecclesiastical and civil marriage records for the city of Reggio Di Calabria (RC) for the years 1588 to 1925. This is a gold mine of data with up to 13 generations of information all in one collection.

This is a very large volume of data so it will be released in 26 seperate parts, in no particular order. This ensures that the information is shared much quicker (though not complete) while the project is still ongoing rather than waiting for the entire project to end first.

PartTypeSourceYear RangePublished
01ChurchPar. S. Filippo e Giacomo1596-1663Yes
02ChurchPar. S. Filippo e Giacomo1671-1818Yes
03ChurchPar. S. Sebastiano1592-1641Pending
04ChurchPar. S. Sebastiano1648-1701Yes
05ChurchPar. S. Sebastiano1725-1824Pending
06ChurchPar. S. Sperato1611-1646 Yes
07ChurchPar. S. Sperato1712-1757Yes
08ChurchPar. S. Maria D'Itria1750-1819Yes
09ChurchPar. S. Maria De Candelora1597-1716Yes
10ChurchPar. S. Giorgio (Outside the city walls)1683-1819Yes
11ChurchPar. S. Nicola Del Pozzo1596-1621Pending
12ChurchPar. S. Nicola Del Pozzo1643-1652Yes
13ChurchPar. S. Nicola Del Pozzo1665-1791Pending
14ChurchPar. S. Silvestro Dei Malgeri (1588-1635)/
Par. S. Giuseppe (1635-1645)
15ChurchPar. S. Caterina Del Trivio1678-1820Yes
16ChurchPar. S. Maria De Loreto1631-1809Yes
17ChurchPar. S. Gregorio Magno (1589-1770) /
Par. S. Nicola Dei Bianchi (1770-1781)
18ChurchPar. S. Lucia1629-1740Yes
19ChurchPar. S. Lucia1744-1827Pending
20ChurchPar. S. Elia1743-1820Yes
21ChurchPar. S. Maria Del Soccorso1631-1807Yes
22ChurchPar. S. Giuseppe1738-1788Yes
23ChurchPar. S. Maria Della Neve1735-1827Yes
24CivilStato Civile1809-1865Yes
25CivilStato Civile1866-1875Yes
26CivilStato Civile1876-1925Yes

If anyone wishes to provide data for years not currently covered by this database, then please contact us.

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