Calabria, Italy and its Genealogy, History, Culture and Language

Tenerezze [Tendernesses]

A depiction of the tenderness shown by a mother to her child.



Nu paru d'anni, forse mancu, avie
mi ricuordu, ogne vota succedie
ca si ppe' ncunu dulure io ciangie
mamma intr'a vrazza sue mi stringie;

m'addimmannave addre mi dulie
e quannu gridannu io cciu' dicie
mi cce vasava: u chiantu finiscie
e u dulure passava e si nne jie.
Just a couple of years, maybe less, was I
I remember, every time it happened
that if for some pain I wept,
mamma would take me in her arms and embrace me;

She would ask me where it hurt
and when I loudly told her
she would kiss me there: the tears would end
and the pain would pass and it would go.
Submitted by Guy Filippelli and translated by Dr. Tom Lucente.