Calabria, Italy and its Genealogy, History, Culture and Language

Calabria Genealogy Research Service

Our organization is now accepting requests for assistance in Calabria genealogy research.

We are very excited to mention that we provide genealogical research services for Calabria (and all other regions of Italy). In the past, this was the single largest request from our website users. Our users spoke and we listened!

What We Can Provide:

  • Search for specific records or people on your behalf
  • Digital images of the original documents
  • Translate and decipher the hard-to-read handwritten documents
  • Extraction of genealogical content
  • Suggestions for additional research
  • And for larger projects, a GEDCOM file that can be imported directly into your genealogical software. This can save many hours on manual entry!

How to Get Started

Demand for this service is growing rapidly, so please book your request with us ASAP to ensure we can get started quickly.

With your booking you will need to tell us the following for each person you are seeking information about:
  1. The personís proper name as it would appear on their italian birth record, if known
  2. The names of his/her parents and siblings, if known
  3. The specific records (events) you seek for that person
  4. Date and location of the event(s) that you are interested in (or close approximation)
  5. Birth date (or close approximation) for that person
  6. Birth town or city for that person
  7. Any other information that you already know that will assist us in finding a strong match as quickly as possible

How Much We Charge

The cost for this service is a modest $30 USD per hour, which is dramatically less than what most other researchers charge. Many charge more than three times this price! If you are already a member of Il Circolo Calabrese (or become a member before this request is delivered) then you will get an automatic 10% discount off the total price.

The key thing to note is that there is zero risk. If we cannot find the information you seek, then there is no charge (other than our incurred expense) for the time taken to search for it.

Why We Are So Affordable

Il Circolo Calabrese is a global non-profit organization. Our only interest is to cover our operational costs and to continue to promote the study and preservation of the history, culture, language and genealogy of the Calabria region of Italy.

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